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We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with you, as a breeder, and with the wonderful dog you sold to us. Duke came to us well balanced, socialized, and healthy. He is now 14 months old and has developed into a dog with a wonderful disposition. From the moment we were allowed to take him out in public (after all his shots) we brought him everywhere with us; shopping, restaurants, parks, etc. He is well-behaved, happy, extremely smart, loving, and very playful with not only our children, but the entire neighborhood. I don’t think he has an aggressive bone in his body; not towards people, nor other dogs!

We took him to obedience school at 10 weeks old. He picked up the commands immediately. To this day, he abides by these commands EXCEPT “come here”; that one he likes to follow on his terms—but we’re still working on that one. We now have an electric fence installed to allow him freedom to be outside and watch the world go by. He is a curious thing and loves the freedom without fence or leash restrictions.

We will be taking him to get neutered tomorrow morning. While we would love to bring a few more “Dukes” into this world with his wonderful disposition, he has become very interested in the female dogs that go by, so we will have to take care of this immediately. I will let you know how the results change him!

Thank you again, for selling my boys, my husband, and me, a wonderful dog. Nothing but kudos to you!

The Powell Family


Responsible breeders produce more than puppies, they produce legacy and legends - Martha understands this. I am a trainer and own a drug dog/bomb dog detection company. I work with pets and working dogs alike, and I highly recommend El Divo German Shepherds and Martha Hunt.

Martha's responsiveness to emails before and after the sale reflects a level of professionalism you should expect in a breeder. We discussed my expectations for a new puppy - and eventual grown dog. Martha wanted to make sure she had a pup that fit my needs and expectations, not just sell us a puppy. We agreed on her selection and trusted her experience and expertise. Zeus is the second pup that Martha helped us select and he will not be the last.

The kennel facility was great. Everything was clean and in great order. We found our new puppy waiting for us and he quickly captured our hearts. Zeus was and is everything we expected and wanted. He has drives that are just amazing, his grips are calm and powerful... he is also as loving and kind hearted as they come.

Besides being very smart and athletic, Zeus is absolutely beautiful.

We entered the NASS 2012 and placed in the top ten (VP7). Zeus will be trained in narcotics detection, compete in conformation shows and Schutzhund trials.



Dear Martha,

After the loss of my 10 year old GSD (Dodger) my other 5 year old GSD (Daisy) went into severe depression resulting in illness. I called upon two dear friends and former GSD breeders Richard Gonzmart (Zwinger von Wittenberge) and Alaina Culleton (vom Krafthaus). Both of them suggested getting a new puppy and BOTH of them referred me to you. BEST ADVICE EVER. We were so excited to learn that you had just had a litter that would be available in 8 wks. You talked to me for over an hour, answering all of my questions about the new puppy and helping me with Daisy's depression. We fawned over the pictures of our new puppy's parents on your website. Then we started receiving the weekly pictures of our new puppy. Oh the joy!!! We fell in love with her from the photos alone. Watching her grow until we could finally take her home was so exciting (and shear torture). Thank you for altering your holiday plans and letting us change to an earlier pick up date at the last minute (from Jan. 4 to "I can be there in 4 hours" on New Years Day). Payment through PayPal made all financial transactions effortless.

Sophie is now 14 weeks old and the light of our lives. She is smart, sweet, confident and super healthy. Training is a breeze. Sophie is Daisy's new best friend, companion and playmate. Daisy has transformed from a depressed, sick dog to a happy, younger version of her old self. They play all day long. Wide open. Although Daisy is still sick (Colitis), I have been getting EXCELLENT results from the DogZymes Probiotic that I purchased from you. It contains all of the ingredients recommended by my vet for digestive and colon problems. Her stools have been regular and perfect. This product has been a God send and I hope they never stop making it or change the ingredients.

You are an amazing woman Martha. I am so happy that we were referred to you. You are a true blessing in our lives and we could never thank you enough.

Donna, Danny, Sophie and especially Daisy.


Dearest Martha, 

Our exquisite "Segen" just had her first birthday and I wanted to let you know how much love and joy she has brought us. She and her brother Trooper (Belgium Terrier) are inseparable. I still have not completely healed from my injuries I was dealing with when we had the pleasure of meeting you and your son. So I still cannot get out a lot, but when she is out with her daddy - people are just in awe. Her beautiful long red and black hair and her perfect features amaze people, even our vet, and of course they always want to know where we got her. Of course we always make sure they know! She is so perfect I cannot thank you enough for the care and love you put into these wonderful creatures. She is so much more than I expected when we first contacted you. I knew she would be wonderful, but she has far exceeded any previous expectations. And her personality is of a true diva! She knows how awesome she is and plays Paul and I both, and Trooper too! I will get some pics soon and send them, but I just had to say Thank You, Thank You! Our best to you and your family.

Warmest regards,

Cathy and Paul



I searched the internet and many german shepherd sites for about 6 months. After much research, we found El Divo shepherds in Tampa, and we liked the information we were seeing on the web site and pictures of the facilities. We picked up King who is the son to Natz x Elena after 9 weeks, and we toured the facility. It was as stated. The facilities are clean, large, and the parents are usually on site. We were able to view Natz that day after he had come back from some bite work training. He was a great looking shepherd. Martha kept in touch with us during the 8 week puppy phase and sent us pictures often. Martha is very good about keeping in touch with you even after you have your puppy. She is always available if you have questions about your dog ( products, health, training, etc.) . Also, I will add that she probably spent two hours with us on the day we received King. It was a first class operation.

I have had 3 other German Shepherd dogs over the years, but we had always had nagging problems with allergies, stools, and some general health issues with shepherds. Martha convinced me to try some different dog foods (raw), and we starting using the enzymes, special vitamins, and joint products. We used them from the very beginning. King's health has been outstanding. It has been a remarkable difference from what we experienced in the past. This might sound like an infomercial , but the regiment of products truly makes a difference. King is now over 9 months now and is doing great.

Richard from Orlando


Hi Martha,

it is time for an update. Our two girls are now one and a half and three years old. They get better with age. 

Their temperament is fabulous. Extremely smart to the point that my wife and i are now into spelling words, since the girls

understand what we are saying. We both thank you for the great dogs and look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Very best regards,



Lucca Testimonial:

I had never ordered a puppy online before, and my first experience has been wonderful. Martha is a breeder to be trusted.

At 21 months, our Natz puppy is a great joy to my husband and I. Lucca is a happy, loving, intelligent boy; a “love therapy” dog for his lavish greetings when my husband comes home, and when the kids come to visit. He is a buddy to my 5 yr. old grandson, and a sport dog for me as we learn the sport of Schutzhund. Wow, am I getting in shape.

Martha has always promptly responded to all my questions, even after we brought him home. My whole family loves him and the compliments just keep rolling in and I’ve come to expect them when we are out :)

We own a quality, beautiful, smart, loving German Shepherd Dog. Thanks Martha!

Steve and Elizabeth DeLong, NC



We are thrilled to have an El Divo GSD as part of our family. Rex (Puma x Natz Aug 2012) is without a doubt one of the best dogs we have had the pleasure of having in our home. You came highly recommended to us by another family who has one of your dogs (from the same litter) and I would, without hesitation, do the same. You have always made yourself available and are very helpful with advice in raising Rex. He is becoming quite the protector, which is exactly what we wanted, while being just fun-loving Rex to us. He is absolutely perfect in every way, thank you for knowing what would be a great fit for our family and steering us in that direction. My advice to anyone looking for a GSD- don’t look any further than El Divo. Martha and Eddie are not backyard breeders, they produce excellent, sound dogs that are impressive in every way and they stand behind their dogs. Great people, great dogs!! 

Lisa Butash

The Law Offices of Michael G. Butash


Hi Martha,

We are crazy in love with our Jessie! She continues to amaze and delight us. She is growing like a weed and loving life.

Martha, our Vet was just so impressed with Jessie. Several of our neighbors also go to her and she has told all of them what a great new German Shepherd we have.

Just so you know-Jessie weighed 12 pounds on our first visit-just a meet and greet.

We returned 10 days later for shots and she weighed 20 pounds!!

I said-"is this possible?" and the Vet laughed. She brought in the puppy scale to get an accurate reading and

she was 20 pounds-WOW!

Our girl continues to have the most wonderful open and confident personality. She greets all visitors

so enthusiastically!

I have to say that I am always thinking that while I have dearly loved all of my dogs, puppies can test your

patience and I can remember really getting irritated and exasperated.

Not so with this girl! I just have not even been able to get upset with her. She is so loving and smart.

She is sleeping through the night in her crate, and doing very well with her potty training. Almost no accidents now if we just remember her habits. She is also not really a destructive girl. Yes, she wants to chew all the time with her teething but if she manages to steal a shoe she does not really do any damage. She usually just likes to collect and then is lying in her bed with a chew toy and her "prizes" nearby.

I do leave her crate door open but her happy place that she goes to is under the kitchen table.

She loves to nap there. Her other favorite place is the kitchen where she hangs out under the counter while we cook.

In short, Jessie is just a remarkable puppy and it is going to be an exciting journey watching her grow into the beautiful and smart adult that she is destined to be.

Glenn is already talking about getting a male from you!

I will send pictures from my I-Pad.

We are so happy we found you and your wonderful German Shepherds!



I would like to thank Martha for selling me two of the most wonderful German Shepherds. Her excellent communication skills, knowledge and genuine interest in helping me choose the right dog for me made me have great confidence in Martha as a person and a breeder. I had a horrible experience with a local breeder years ago when I had purchased Nadya. I felt like I was rescuing her from them. When I first went to Martha's kennel, I was amazed at how well maintained and clean it was. It was a very positive environment. The dogs were happy and healthy and of course gorgeous ( the most beautiful shepherds I had ever seen). Martha and Lazaro even took the time to show me some of Quantas' training. I never felt rushed or hurried during my visit. 

My first puppy I purchased from Martha was Maksim. Maksim (aka big Mak or Mak Attack) is now 2 1/2 years old and my big teddy bear. He was the perfect puppy and extremely easy to train. My vet is amazed by his drive and beauty. Wherever I take him, people literally stop to stare or compliment me on him. He was always by side after Nadya passed and helped ease some of the pain of losing her. He has super character, great bone structure, is super goofy, and is loved by all who have met him. He is also a great protector and I feel safe when with him. I'm thankful Martha decided to sell him to me instead of keep him. Also, I had an opportunity to show him, thanks to Martha, when he was a puppy and he placed VP1. 

A few months after losing Nadya, I came to realize Maksim (and myself) needed a playmate. I had always stayed in touch with Martha and so she knew it was only a matter of time before I would be coming to her for a female! As usual, she gave me many options from current puppies to future litters. She warned me before my visit, that I would fall in love with the Natz x Puma female she had been keeping because she knew I love a unique dark mask. She was right. Pippa went home with me that day. She is something else! Drop dead gorgeous with beautiful color and eyes, great bone, super spunky character, and goes nonstop. Pippa is now 6 months old. She is obsessed with harassing Maksim and he loves it. I look forward to hopefully showing her in the future. 

I HIGHLY recommend El Divo German Shepherds to anyone looking for a high quality German Shepherd. Martha's dogs cover all aspects from family dogs to working dogs. She is exceptional at fitting people with their needs in a dog. The email updates and pictures she sends of your future babies will keep the excitement going until the day you pick them up. Martha and I still keep in touch and I know she really does care about all of her dogs she has provided new homes for. Thank you, Martha!



My husband and I have a 10 month old male, Ryker, from Martha's kennel. He is all that we could ask for him to be: Smart; healthy; lovable; fun. Ryker will retrieve balls forever, take obedience lessons and then snuggle in my lap at night. 

Martha has been very good about communicating with us from our first contact with her until now. We picked up Ryker at Martha's kennel and saw that it was immaculate and had yard space for the dogs. Martha sat on the ground with us as we played with two puppies and it became very obvious that she sees her Shepherds as much much more than "possible sales".

Sharlene Greene

South Carolina


Dear Martha,

After I lost my almost 11 year old GSD I was heart broken. He was too young to die. I couldn't sleep and my house was not the same. It was quiet, empty and cold, I was all alone!! I kept hearing the collar and I would think that I was seeing my dog still around. I cried for weeks. It was very difficult. I lost my best friend, what am I going to do now?

So I started investigating breeders right away. I called several places and a few were rude to me via phone, some did not answer my question at all and I was told by one breeder they had no pictures to send me, one lady even hung up on me. I was thinking, wow what a bunch of back yard breeders with no clue on GSD and I might not find what I am looking for. 

Then I had called a breeder in Boca( can not remember his name but Martha knew him) he had referred me to Martha in Tampa. I called and spoke to her husband as I cried about my recent loss of my GSD on the phone. He was very compassionate towards me on the phone and he told me," we don't just sell our puppies to just anyone, I can tell by hearing in your voice the love you have for your dog that died, any dog I sell to you would be in great hands" , with that said I knew right then they were the ones I was going to purchase my puppy from. His words were very empowering and comforting to me.

I drove up 4 hours and picked him out at 7weeks. I feel in love with him right away. I was lucky as I got the pick of the liter. It was well worth the drive. The kennel was in tip top shape and I got to meet his parents. I even got to pet his dad, Natz. To me that meant the world. I knew by seeing his parents that this is how my puppy was going to look once he was grown up. Important to have parents on premises. I begged to let me take him with me now, but they said, " no as a good breeder we can't." I look back at that now and respect that tremendously. A great breeder they are! Then a week later I drove back and picked him up and brought him to his new home. His dad is Natz and him mom is Nokia. I am so very happy he has such incredible parents that have accomplished the world!! I see him in them with every picture I take. Martha knows I take allot of them. LOL

His name is Maveric, and he fits his name to a T. He filled my home back with love and made me smile again. I will never be without a German Shepherd in my life. He now is 1 year and 11 months, on my where does the time go.? He has grown so fast. He is BEAUTIFUL, smart, protective, athletic and has an incredible drive. He also has very good angulation and bone structure which is very important. Every time I am out , which is very often, I always have people come up to us and ask me, " where did I get such a beautiful German Shepherd?". I am proud to say from," Martha Hernandez in Tampa!" 

We have done lots of training in obedience, rally, agility and tracking, and already he is amazing. He does several tricks and almost speaks in human language. I had him house trained in less than 2 days, no joke! He has a great temperament and is loved by everyone he meets, including all kids. We are in agility training and tracking training now. He loves it and is getting better each day. We will soon get our Canine Good Citizen and Pet Therapy certifications. We also will be doing lure coursing with AKC in-the future. So many possibilities with Maveric, his ability to work and learn in endless!!!!!

I highly recommend Martha(Eldivo Shepherds), she has the best German Shepherds money can buy. When I am out with Maveric I see that as the GSD dogs I run across and not very pretty and look sick. I would purchase another GSD form her in a heartbeat. She is smart and extremely knowledgeable about the breed and always answers my questions. Martha is amazing and so are her Shepherds!!!

Thank you for my loving baby boy Maveric. We love you! xo

Melissa & Maveric 


Dear Martha,

I will do my best to make this testimonial to the point but there are so many things I just cannot sum up in one paragraph as Heidi’s story is a beautiful story…

After my first German Shepherd, Saedee Bear, passed away in 2010 when she was 14 years and 2 months old, I was devastated. I thought I could never love another dog as much as her again. She was my best friend, loyal to the core.

As time passed (and passed) I began looking at breeders again. My husband and I became so discouraged. We visited some facilities and saw some horrible things. We thought we found some good ones and then heard otherwise through the grapevine…thankfully.

My husband, a police officer, came home one day and said a co-worker recommended you. I was so discouraged by then, but thought, what the heck, I will just check out the website…

JUMP AHEAD to the future…We came and found the 2nd love of our lives…actually, she found us. We drove over 5 hours from South Florida to see a female long coat. She was beautiful! But this one puppy just kept coming up to us and was not allowing the other puppies to steal our attention away from her. She was determined, beautiful, funny and goofy with a gorgeous long black and red coat. You told us you had never seen a dog choose their owner before. She came up to me, sat beside me and put her paw on my leg. Our decision was made.

Heidi Bear is perfect! She is extremely smart and outwits us daily. She is agile, fast and athletic. She conquers every sport we teach her. She is obsessed with soccer and is an amazing goalie. She loves Frisbee and jumps so gracefully through the air. She runs faster than one could even throw. She absolutely LOVES to swim (which is funny as you said her mother and father don’t care much for water!) She will leap into pools, lakes even puddles and she LOVES the ocean. She is known at the doggy day care for lounging in the pool…yes, she LAYS in the pool!

One day, you told me you were astonished that Heidi was able to be a good girl at doggy day care as female German Shepherds are so headstrong. Well this is a testament to you and your dogs! Heidi has an amazing disposition. She is very determined and curious and not afraid of anything (except white buoys floating in the water when she is kayaking or paddleboarding). She loves to be around people and other dogs. We take her everywhere with us.

She is well known in the neighborhood. People we don’t even know, know her name and say “HI HEIDI!” when we ride by on our bikes or in the car. She has made friends with restaurant owners and one restaurant even lets her sit inside with us while we eat as she is such a good girl!

**(She snuck a bite of a woman’s quesadilla one day, but we all make mistakes and it smelled so good…)

Every morning at 6:00 Heidi wakes us up. When we hit snooze on the alarm clock she makes sure we do not sleep in by bouncing her front paws on the side of the bed and smooshing her nose into my face. She tells us when it is time to for her to eat if we do not feed her on time. And she tells us if she wants a little more too! She can find our car immediately in a parking lot with 500 other cars. She knows how to open doors (so we had to change some door knobs). She wants my husband and I to be together wherever we go. She refuses to leave the house unless I come as well. (this can be a little tricky when I drop her off at day care). Heidi has a very large vocabulary that builds daily. We talk to her constantly and she loves to learn new commands (except bringing the ball back…naughty girl.) She knows each of her toys and treats by name. She has an amazing sense of humor and is a complete goof ball but at the same time, she fiercely protects our home…and especially me! 

One early morning, when it was still dark out, I took her to her favorite soccer field for some Frisbee, Chuck-it and of course soccer. It was pitch black on the other side of the field and very quiet at the park…I was a little nervous…Heidi was only 15 months old at the time (weighing in at 70 lbs.) and I was not quite sure of her protection instincts outside of the home yet. After a few throws, Heidi went for some privacy behind a bush to relieve herself. I stood in the middle of the dark field waiting for her about 30 yards away. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Heidi perk her head up and the fur on her back fluffed and raised.

Right then I heard footsteps running quickly toward me and someone breathing. I took a step toward Heidi but not sooner than she ran past me and took off after than man running toward me in the dark. He stopped DEAD in his tracks as Heidi bounced up and down fiercely in the air toward him with the deepest bark I have ever heard come from her little lungs. She continued to literally back him up, pacing from side to side in front of him so he could not pass her, all along looking at me out of the corner of her eye. The man put his arms up in the air, terrified and begged me to get my “dog.” I told him to put his arms by his side and do not move as Heidi became more agitated when he raised his arms. I went to get Heidi but she would not let me come any closer. We had been working on “Here” for some time and I prayed she would come to me, not knowing what the man would do to her. I said “HERE!” in my sternest voice…Heidi hesitated, gave him a few more deep barks as if to say “Take one more step and I will put these big white teeth in your thigh buddy.” Then she obediently ran to me and stood in front of me. I put her leash on her and headed to the car. (Turns out the guy was just doing cross fit in the park). Lesson learned…do not run toward a HUNT GERMAN SHEPHERD’S MOMMY!

I truly believe the universe places animals in our lives for a reason. Just as Saedee and I were meant to be, Heidi was meant to be with us. I wonder if there is a little part of Saedee in her…maybe this is why she was so determined to be with us.

There are no words to express our gratitude and appreciation for not only what you do for the breed but what you have done for us by giving us this amazing beautiful girl.


Samantha, Robert and Heidi


We truly love Ava (Kira v natz)- she has been wonderful.

I am looking forward to your health tab since we would like to cut down on the shedding and forgot the name of the product.

I also want to say that we went to Beth's obedience training and she is fantastic.



Toro and Sean

Sean & Puppy

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