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 German Shepherd Photos
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Martha, Quantas and Wendy @ Hundesport Club of Fl. Show


starting young.....

Sean, Martha and Hexe X Arak Puppy 8 1/2 weeks


Tatiana vom Hunt Land (Limara x Toro)

Lucas vom Hunt Land


Gio, Sean and Dominic with Limara and Kelly

Dominic and Kelly


VP6 @ 2008 NASS (Boston)

VP17 "Lucas"


Protection -V5 Feli @ 2008 NASS

V-5 Feli @ 2008 NASS


Feli in movement @ 2008 NASS

2008 NASS-Martha,Melissa Christi and V5 Feli


Sean with long coat puppies

How do you resist these faces.......(Ultra X Asso litter)


V4 "Toro" off leash round @ Bluegrass Show

V4 "Toro" Judged by SV Judge & Kormeister-Margit van Dorssen


Statesville - Shana, SV Ernst Seifert, Martha and VP3 Lucas


Katina vom Hunt Land

Veteran -Quai


Sean, Martha and 6 week old-Hunter


Kelly and Sean


Bruski and Sean


Puppy Love....


Do we look like Trouble?.......... (Feli X Asso 5 weeks)

5 Weeks old (Feli X Asso)


Lucas and Lexi - 5 1/2 months (Ultra X Quai)

Dominic and Lucas Christmas 2007


Lexi and Lucas (Ultra X Quai)

Katina enjoying Colorado -December 2007


SG1 Xsena @ 2007 NASS

SG1 Xsena @ 2007 NASS


SV Judge Ernst Seifert, Nadine
SG1 Xsena and Martha @ 2007 NASS

VA4 Feli with Martha and Jochen


VA4 @ 2007- Feli with Junior Handler Megan

Not exactly a tail gating party- Shana with Feli


Toro - 17 Months BSZS

Toro in Movement - 17 Months (Handler Petra)


Kira w/ Katerina



2007 BSZS SG29 - Xsena

Martha and Xsena


Arak - Tendrina's son W/ Zamp SG7 @ 2007

Toro's Father- Tor Di Casa Nobili V12 2007 BSZS



VA1-Tendrina at 2007 Canadian Sieger Show


2007 Canadian Siegerin and Sieger - Tendrina and Hoss-


2007 Canadian Sieger Show- August 2007


V2 Kira-Protection Work 2007 Canadian Sieger Show

Tendrina in Motion


VP2 @ 2007 Canadian Sieger Show (Tendrina Daughter)

V2-Kira @ 2007 Canadian Sieger Show


Just relaxing....



VA2 Tendrina and Gerd Reims @ USA Sieger Show


VP1 Katina vom Hunt Land

Martha, Katina and Jochen


2007 USA Sieger Show (Katina VP1)


Sean and Feli

Quinn - 9 weeks old (Kira X Scott)


"The Crickets" Tendrina X Jaguar litter @ 7 weeks

Tendrina enjoying the Florida Sunshine


Shana, V-3 Feli and Martha @ Statesville Regional

Judge Helmut Konig, Martha and V3 Feli


Jochen and Feli @ Statesville Regional Show

Feli and Ultra in the ring


VP5 Katina vom Hunt Land - 4 1/2 months

Martha and VP5 Katina @ Statesville Regional


Katina vom Hunt Land- 4 1/2 months

Toro, Shana and Katina


Hans & Tex (Kira X Scott litter)

Katina with Jr. handler-Sean


Protection/Long Bite - V1 Quai @ North American Sieger Show

Kelly X Hoss (3 weeks old)


V-1 Quai @ North American SIeger Show-St. Louis

V-1 Quai @ North American SIeger Show-St. Louis


Is that Kora behind those shades?......

Sean and Kora


Toro in Motion

Toro-October 2006


Toro, Kora and Quai !


Toro and Quai


Colorado Play Time-October 2006 (Quai)

Kora -Colorado 2006


Toro  ( 5 ½ months ) and Sean

I love my puppies!


Toro - 5 Months

Rosh and Toro


Being Silly.....(Toro and Sean)


2006 Canadian Siegerin (Kelly) and Sieger (Quai)


Just chilin......

Is it my turn for protection?.....I am ready!


VA1-Protection work @ 2006 Canadian Championships

VA1- Quai @ Canadian Championships


2006 Canadian Sieger Show - VA1 Quai


Quai in movement

VA1-Kelly @ Canadian Championships


Jochen and VA1 Kelly


2006 Canadian Championships - VA1 Kelly


VA1- Quai with handler-Oliver

Ball Play


Just relaxing....


Sweet Dreams...


Sean and Kelly

Rachonne and Dux


Kelly and Sean enjoying a sunset!

Yazz - Heydi X Hoss


Sean & Kora

Tirza - Sean - Dux


Halloween day

Relaxing with Dux


Kora breed Survey Lifetime-Long Bite

Kora & Martha


Puppy Love......

Sharing a treat

Proud Mom!


Sean with Kora and litter

Kora Puppies-Females @ 7 weeks


1 day old puppy 

Alex & Sean


V12-Yello St-Michaels-Berg  ( Kora's  father)

V12-Yello St-Michaels-Berg  ( Kora's  father)


Puppy Monitoring

Kora x Sambo Puppy

Puppy Socialization


Alex -Building confidence (18 weeks old)

Alex @ Puppy Class
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